About the Company

The company "PONVANDU' was found way back in 1968 by Shri Late A. Jayaraj Nadar and has now become an house hold name. Initially the company was started as a partnership firm and later registered has a private limited and now have reached a great heights with having its presence in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, Pondicherry, Kerala and Andaman islands.

In Tamilnadu "PONVANDU" brand has a reputed name and it stands in the mind of everyone. The company has periodically grown in stature over the years and still it is growing. It has future plans to produce various type of other detergent products . IT has already launched a new product by Brand Name 707,which has become a reputed name in the Karnataka Region.

The company has a well built infrastructure and automated plants. The Company is an ISO 9001- 2008 certified company.



Our Founder

Mr. A. Jayaraj Nadar

Mr. A. Jayaraj Nadar started his career working in a private firm, he founded Ponvandu Soap in the year 1968, his indomitable Will of dedication, hard work and smart thinking and of high ideals and goals he set for himself raised the company to its standard. His marketing strategy made the company reach its heights. He died in the year 2007.

Managing Director

Mr. A. J. Saravanan
Managing Director

Mr. A. J. Saravanan, son of late Mr. A. Jayaraj Nadar is the Managing Director of Ponvandu Soap. He is a graduate from Chennai and after the death of Mr. Jayaraj Nadar, he took the Firm from where his father left and he implemented various marketing strategy and production plans which made Ponvandu Soap reach a sustainable heights and expansions of networks to other states.